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Prompt and Professional Hardwood Installation in Decatur, GA

The flooring is one of the primary features of any room. It is also one that is the most long-lasting. You can quickly change the look of a room with a coat of paint or the addition of new window treatments, but adding new flooring is a more significant commitment. That’s why when you’ve decided to add classical tradition to your home or workplace through hardwood installation in Decatur, GA, you should choose us at Blue Bubble Home Services.

Our experienced installers know what it takes to lay hardwood flooring, so it’s straight and level and looks great. There is a specific skill set required to put wood flooring in place so that it has room to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity without affecting its overall appearance. You can trust us for that level of expertise. We take complete care while we install your floor so that no pieces are damaged or wasted so that you get your money’s worth when it comes to this investment.

Restoring Your Floor

If you already have hardwood throughout your home or office, we can restore it to its original glory or give it an entirely new look with our hardwood resurfacing service. We’ll remove the old finish, sand the floor to remove imperfections, and then apply a fresh coat, so it looks fantastic again.