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Carpet Cleaning in Decatur, GA

Cleaning Guide

Learn about the importance of carpet cleaning in Decatur, GA, and improve the air quality in your home. Residential and commercial carpeting provides you with enhanced insulation, and it holds the dirt that otherwise may be released into the air. But unless that debris is removed from the carpeting, it could become airborne and cause respiratory problems. 

Blue Bubble Home Services is your source for transformative carpet scrubbing and maintenance that keeps your interior looking and smelling great. While regular vacuuming and the use of entry mats can reduce the number of particulates in the air, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized the need for periodic wet cleaning and soil extraction.

Give your floors a fresh look and save money over the long term when you partner with our team for carpeting maintenance. Talk to a member of our team about our full suite of cleaning services, and get a free estimate for your entire home.

Comprehensive Floor Maintenance

Consider the health and wellbeing of your family, your coworkers, and your pets, and think about the costs involved with new carpets. You start to understand why our approach to floor cleaning and carpet treatments makes the most sense. We power through stains and extract all of the material that is causing your home to smell less than stellar.

The accompanying chart lists EPA recommendations on carpet and flooring maintenance/cleaning frequency based on environmental conditions.
* Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

While many of our clients vacuum their carpets regularly, stains are not as easily removed with standard tactics. Our advanced stain treatments and removal process get results. To understand the frequency of cleaning needed at your establishment, review the guidelines below. When we provide you with your estimate, we follow many of the guidelines set by the EPA. 

 EPA Recommended Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guidelines

   Day Care Center Nursing Homes Homes Office Buildings Food Service Commercial Properties
Environmental Conditions 2 Persons Smoking 2 Persons Smoking Young Kids Young Kids w/ Pets Ground Floor High Floors Restaurants Retail Stores, Churches
 Normal 2 wks 1 mo 6-12 mos 4 mos 6 mos 3-6 mos 3-6 mos 6-12 mos 1 mo 3-6 mos
 Contaminated Outside Dusty 1 wk 1mo 2 mos 2 mos 1 mo 1 mo 1 mo 2-6 mos 1 wk 1 mo
 Extreme Cold Weather Climates 2 wks 1 mo 4-6 mos 3 mos 3 mos 2 mos 2-6 mos 3-9 mos 2 wks 2 mos
 High Humidity Biogenic 1 wk 1 wk 4-6 mos 4 mos 3 mos 2 mos 2-6 mos 3-9 mos 2 wks 2 mos

This table is a suggested guideline. Actual soil conditions and cleaning processes may require a varied schedule.

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